Facebook Android Token Generater

We use Access Token Based Authentication. Token is a Private KEY generated by facebook that we needed to be able giving free Likes. Follow few steps below to get your own Access Token and you can use your Access Token to login to our Website.
Login With Facebook For Generate Token Code.
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If you have any of these characters ~ ! @ $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + [ { ] } \ | ; : ' " , . / ? in your facebook password, change it. Better to avoid special characters
Click Here Generate app password ( You can get the application token with a password. )
Check your token code Click Here
Even if you have any doubt then I advice you to create a fake account and use that account to give followers to your original account using custom option.
We'll never share or sell Your Information to Any 3rd Party. We are here to stay not to step away.

Error Codes
error_code:400: ( Invalid username or email address. )
error_code:401: ( Invalid username or password. )
error_code:407: ( User must confirm their e-mail address on www.facebook.com. )

Post Privacy:
Make sure your "Post privacy" is set to "Public", otherwise Vipfb 's tools will not work on that post.

Account Settings:
Make sure you have enabled Followers on your account and set "Who can comment on your public posts?" and "Who can like or comment on your public profile pictures and other profile info? " to "Public".

Some Useful Information:
We dont store your Facebook username/email/password in any form on manner. Your account will just be logged in to our server one time for generating access token and thats it.

We just need your Facebook credentials to get some information about your account, like your name, username, date of birth, latest posts/statuses/photos etc.

For some more information you can read the Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use.

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